Updated demos, but also...

Hey everyone :) 

Cannon Custodian 's feedback from players has been great, and the opinions and suggestions have been helpful.  First things first, The OFFICIAL DEMOs have been updated and released. These new demos have these updates to the demo:
1) There is a "HOW TO PLAY" in game.
2) The beginning cut scene is skippable. 
3) The demo is a little easier.

We also now have it available to play for Linux operating systems! :) However 1 thing we are unable to fix at the moment is the fact newer Mac operating systems don't want to run the program. The Catalina and Big Sur operating systems especially. This can somehow be bypassed, but only tech IT gurus know how to do that stuff. We are looking into Android, but that's a who new beast. If things work to where they could be,  the future for this to be on STEAM could happen. As for actual consoles, that is something depending on the future as well.

Now, as you see in the download page there are STILL the original demo because, well, it's  a tough challenge. Those are relabeled "Hard Arcade DEMO" which we now have a Linux build for that too. If you are feeling saucy and haven't played it that way, now is your chance to do so.

In the future, who knows what might become.

I must admit that when we made this thing, we designed this in the ideals of EXACTLY how an arcade game was, not a console/PC game. Arcade games of the 1980's and such didn't really display the buttons and how to play, they did that sometimes on the sticker inlays, Obviously everyone isn't having a stand up arcade machine in front of them, so we never really take it into account that we have to make it "console" based. It was why we had the file for the controls and etc able to be downloaded. Ah well, no worries. We wanted to implement the ability to use a track ball as well which would be pretty awesome.

So where does this leave things on the game itself?

To be honest, to answer that question we just need some more feedback, and knowing that you would want to buy a full game We really need to see what you would love to see come out of this. 

We know the actual game will be 80 to 85 levels ,shooting gallery bonus rounds, more enemies, more bosses, possibly more weapons, more cut scenes, and the ability to have some cool content like special editions corresponding to certain things like holidays and such "Halloween edition, Valentines edition, etc". It's a possibility online leaderboards, and the possibility of other game modes where maybe there's a Boss Rush, or multiplayer split screen battle thing happening.  Lots of ideas to explore. 

It has been talked about that if things are to continue,  we will be doing our own personal crowdfunding campaign but it will be through ourselves IF this is a decided to do it. We do not want to use Kickstarter or any other platforms. 

If this is the case, will

In closing, enjoy the new demo versions and lets get things moving even stronger with more of our awesome feedback :)


Cannon Custodian - OFFICIAL DEMO - Windows version.zip 14 MB
Apr 28, 2021
Cannon Custodian - OFFICIAL DEMO - Mac version.zip 16 MB
Apr 28, 2021
Cannon Custodian - OFFICIAL DEMO - Linux version.zip 16 MB
Apr 28, 2021
Cannon Custodian - Hard Arcade DEMO - Linux version.zip 16 MB
Apr 28, 2021


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